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The vision for the Zerodig project

Food is one of our most basic needs; everyone needs to eat.

How we produce that food should be a concern to all of us. Modern ‘conventional’ agriculture generates a lot of greenhouse gases, it’s one of the most significant contributors to global warming.

But, it doesn’t need to be this way. 70% of the global population is fed by small scale farmers. We believe having more small scale farmers would bring massive benefits to the world.

So-called ‘conventional’ farming relies on ploughing (tilling or digging) the soil which releases massive amounts of carbon dioxide and harms the soil over time. We don’t need to do this, there are more sustainable ways of growing our food.

Zerodig is researching and promoting ways of growing food that doesn’t need to plough the earth. Rather than create more greenhouse gases, Zerodig farming actually locks more CO2 into the soil.

Our vision is to help as many new small scale farmers as we can to enter the food growing industry. We want to set them on a path of sustainable, no-dig food growing that they can develop into profitable, livelihood supporting businesses.

We believe we’ve researched and developed a growing system model that’s easy to follow and put into practice. We now want to extend that research into a fully viable business model we can share and replicate on a national and global scale.

Growing crops is the relatively easy part of the process, letting nature get on with its job is all our growing system intends to do. 

Selling what you’ve grown is the other side of making a farming business work. We wouldn’t have a credible alternative to conventional farming unless we could help with sales and distribution. That’s also part of our project.

The Zerodig project is here to research, lead and support the next generation of food growers on their journey to creating a new, sustainable farming model.

Would you like to be involved in some way? Perhaps you would like to be a grower. Maybe you have some land we could grow sustainable food on. You could be a funder who wants to help and support our research.

However you want to become part of the Zerodig project, just click here to take that next step.