Consultancy with Zerodig 

The three pillars

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Growing method & site set up

How we produce food, one of our most basic and essential needs, should be a concern to all of us. 

Our unique growing method produces high volumes of nutrient rich food in a low input system where soil biology is nurtured.

We have proven the Science works across the Zerodig sites and our consultancy service provides advice and support on the Science behind the method along with how to set up your site to maximise biodiversity, efficiency and space.

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On-site operations

We have refined the operations side of growing vegetables on a small scale and have a streamlined, time efficient and lean way of growing.  We understand what the labour requirements are when growing veg on a small scale, what tools are required and which efficiencies are most critical.


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Zerodig also offers a separate ‘Sales’ support where we help create a business plan tailored to your needs.

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Zerodig has teamed up with the food supplements company Cytoplan to carry out research into the nutrient density present in kale grown using the Zerodig method.