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Marking out Zerodig beds
Oakbrook Zerodig farm
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This Zerodig project is part of the Oakbrook Community Farm initiative:

It’s Spring and beds for the new growing season are now being planted out and paths topped up with woodchips to feed the fungi.


Oakbrook Community Farm, Stroud, Gloucs.


Becks Ashton (Grower), Shem Bullen (Operations Manager)



Site Size

3,000 m2 (1 acre)

Outdoor growing area (beds 10m x 0.75m)

600m2 (800m beds x 75cm width)

Indoor growing area (polytunnel)

90m2 (propagation) and 260m2 (growing)


Seed saving and part of Oakbrook Community Farm

In this video co-founder Mario talks briefly about the project (at 3minutes).