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Crackstone Barns is Zerodig’s first commercial site. It was created on land which for 15 years had been untreated and grazed by a ‘natural herd’ of horses which had never been fed antibiotics.

The site was created from pasture in January 2020 by Luke Oakley-Smith and his band of friends and supporters (see the gallery). Luke began selling produce by May 2020, and by June he was supplying two local farm shops.

In the Autumn of 2023 Luke launched a tea collaboration with Black Cloud tea.

A link to Luke’s instagram can be found here


Crackstone, Gloucestershire


Luke Oakley-Smith



Site Size

4,000m2 (1 acre)

Outdoor growing area (beds 10m x 0.75m)

600m2 (800m beds x 75cm width)

Indoor growing area (polytunnel)
40m2 (propagation only)
Rehabilitation of severely compacted pasture
Image of beds at Crackstone Barns
Image of Luke at Cracksone Barns

Produce is available from Grower Luke Oakley-Smith. Please contact Luke via email.

You can also buy Luke’s produce at the Jolly Nice Farm Shop:


Image of salad leaf harvest at Crackstone Barns
Image of some Crackstone grown radish
Image of salad beds at Crackstone