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Zerodig at Bideford
Preparing Zerodig beds at Bideford
Propagation tunnel at Bideford
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Zerodig co-founders Christopher and Mario conceived the idea of Kingsley School becoming the world’s first school to integrate climate action into the core school curriculum.

Christopher designed the curriculum and established the Earth Centre within the school. At the heart of the school is a Zerodig market garden which will enable the school to move towards food self-sufficiency.

The market garden also acts as an “outdoor laboratory and classroom” for all sorts of project work and work experience related to A level study and vocational qualifications (BTEC and Cambridge Technicals).

This means that students are working on soil carbon calculations, monitoring soil biology, growing food and building piles of rich aerobic compost all at the same time.

Kingsley School is also a specialist SEN (Specialist Educational Needs).  Working outdoors in a safe environment is especially beneficial for these pupils.

The ability of the market garden to provide a place for meaningful work and research is a key element of the Earth Centre philosophy.


John is head grower and lead educator at the market garden.


Kingsley School, Bideford, Devon


John Hickson



Site area

1.0 hectare (2.5 acres)

Outdoor growing area (beds 10m x 0.75m)

600m2 (800m beds x 75cm width)

Indoor growing area (polytunnel)

40m2 (propagation only)


Heritage apple trees being planted

Kingsley School Earth Centre.